To qualify for active membership, a candidate must be of good character and must:

(a) Hold or be entitled to receive a medal for active service overseas in His/her Majesty's Forces, the Merchant Navy, or the Canadian Corps of Firefighters, or:

(b) Have volunteered for general service in some branch of His/her Majesty's Armed Forces and have been honorably discharged, or released there from. or:

(c) Hold or be entitled to receive a medal for Active Service with any forces allied to His/her Majesty's Forces, or:

(d) Have at least one (1) year service with the Canadian Armed Forces or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or be in possession of an honourable discharge or release there from, or: (e) Upon production of a certificate that Basic Training has been completed and have had no less than one (l) year's service in the Reserve Forces, or other Auxiliary Forces of the British Commonwealth of Nations, or any Forces formerly allied to His/Her Majesty's Forces.

(f), Any members of the Army, Navy and Air Force Cadets who have completed three (3) years of consecutive service immediately prior to reaching the age of majority be granted active membership in the association.

(g) Have had minimum of one (l) year's service in the Armed Forces of any country which is a member of NATO and upon proof of such service.

(h) Have had a minimum of two (2) years of service as a police officer, peace officer, firefighter or correctional officer and upon proof of such service.

(i) Have a minimum of two (2) years of service in one of the following organizations.

  1. i) Customs and Immigration Personnel
  2. ii) Canada Coast Guard

iii) Department of Fisheries Personnel

  1. iv) Department of Lands and Forest Personnel
  2. v) Emergency Medical Technicians
  3. vi) Canadian Corps of Commissionaires


A desirable person who does not qualify for active membership.


(a) This member is eligible to attend unit meetings with the right to vote and serve on committees.

(b) This member may not serve on the unit executive or attend conventions as a delegate.


(a) Any associate who renews his/her membership after the second consecutive year (24 months) may be given affiliate status with the same rights and privileges as an active member.


To be eligible to hold an executive position you must either be an active member or an affiliate member in good standing for a minimum of one full calendar year.

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